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Matchmaker Finds Love

How does one get lucky in love?

By showing up, in your best self, no less! At The Style Atelier, we believe that opportunity favours the prepared. But finding love is hard, and Cupid is not helping with Tinder either. So, is it any surprise that our professional matchmaker, Beverly, takes action in all the right directions, but have not had the stars aligned in her personal dating journey?

Fortunately, her Style Fairy Godmothers came together to be her #QueerEye and set her up on a blind date! Watch to the end to see Beverly’s transformation and what went down at their first date!

PS: Are you single and ready to mingle too? Then join us in our Connect To Thrive- Singles Edition workshop to connect with other fabulous singles over a 3-course fine meal and learn about dining etiquette and networking. It's happening on 13 February 2022 and you can use Skillsfuture credits to offset full course fee! Click below to learn more.

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