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Learn the art of impression management with concrete and practical skills in the areas of makeup, hairstyling, skincare and wardrobe.


You will be trained by industry professionals with extensive experience in these areas as well as in corporate savviness. You should expect to look polished and sharp, always aptly styled for all corporate and social events, and definitely ready to perform at a higher level.


Whether you think you are an introvert, or shy by nature, everyone can master the verbal and non-verbal skills to communicate and connect with confidence and charisma. 


We are in the age of relationships, and this old adage has never been truer – ‘It’s not what you know. It’s who you know’.


Question is, do you have the interpersonal skills to build positive relationships with those who matter in your career, your love life and family relationships?


Good communication is vital to business success. From landing your first dream job, to conflict management on a team, to closing that important deal, this soft skill will set you apart from competition.



The common everyday rituals of having a meal, sharing an appreciation for an artisanal craft and even the ways we choose to unwind from the stresses of life draw kindred spirits together. How do you elevate your personal finesse and presence? 


Participants will complete the Clifton 34 StrengthsFinder psychometric assessment, and receive a personalised report of their unique strengths. Through a personalised coaching session, they will learn how to harness their top strengths for self-awareness, personal mastery and greater academic/ professional achievement. (Option of individual or group coaching is available.) 

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