Live your best life. 

Be your best self. 

At The Style Atelier, we embrace the vision of each person being the best version of yourself. 

Our signature Style 360 programme is designed to hone your personal brand holistically in aspects related to appearance, behaviour and communication. 

Here you can find a full range of coaching solutions and personal services to enhance your confidence and appeal. 

Become who you are meant to be. 

Life with Style, 360

Elevate your personal brand through our bespoke programmes.

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    Style & Grooming

    Learn from industry professionals très chic makeup, hair, skincare, wardrobe and grooming solutions for all occasions.  

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    Stand Up,

    Speak Out

    Develop communication skills that inspire and impact others. Hone your body language and other non-verbal cues for confidence and charisma.

  • Relationship Hacks

    Master networking skills, team building and collaborative strategies. Develop customer service excellence. Enhance your personal relationships in dating and love.

  • Ace The Job

    Master stellar language skills, business communication writing (email, CV, resume) and interview skills. Ace your business pitches, negotiation and sales techniques.

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    Lifestyle & Culture

    Polish your personal finesse in dining etiquette. Embrace diversity and multi-culturalism in the workplace. Develop an  appreciation for culture and artisanal craftsmanship.

  • Lead With Purpose

    Using CliftonStrengths psychometric assessment, learn how to harness your top strengths for self-awareness, personal mastery and greater achievements. 

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