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Transformation of a Cancer Warrior

If you were suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, what would you do?

For Cheryl, a 33 year-old single mom of 2 young girls, she is determined to fight breast cancer or die trying.

So, as this self-described ‘one woman wolf pack’ locks horns with cancer, The Style Atelier rallies behind her to do what we do best. We celebrate the woman, her strength and her zest for life.

By styling @missycheryldee and her daughters for a makeover photography session, we hope to help this family capture these precious, significant moments.

What would Cheryl’s grand reveal be like and what would she reveal to us about life?

Watch this video to find out.

PS: The Style Atelier’s special tribute to all cancer warriors and survivors – Your stories of tenacity, strength and courage inspire us.

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